Holiday Travel Safety

Holiday Travel Safety with Pee Pistol

The holiday season is a busy time for travel. Whether you are flying, driving, taking a bus or riding a train, Pee Pistol is the perfect travel companion.

TSA Friendly Device

At just two ounces, Pee Pistol meets current TSA requirements for liquids in carry-on bags. Before passing through a security checkpoint, simply place your Pee Pistol spray bottle in a clear, quart-sized plastic bag along with your other liquids.

Once you are through security, you can carry your Pee Pistol anywhere you would like. Thanks to its small size, Pee Pistol can be easily carried in a pocket or purse.

Safe, Portable Self Defense

Pee Pistol harnesses the power of nature by utilizing all-natural, organic fox urine.The pungent odor of fox urine is a non-lethal alternative to pepper spray and other regulated devices and materials. Often described as noxious, fox urine can cause vomiting and watery eyes.

Fox urine is effective against people and small animals. The powerful odor of Pee Pistol fox urine is an established method for deterring pests and small animals. Whether you are facing a potential attacker or an aggressive squirrel, you want Pee Pistol on your side.

Order Your Pee Pistol Today!

Protect yourself and your family while you travel this holiday season. Order your non-lethal Pee Pistol today.

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