PeePistol Is Ideal For Sanitation Workers

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Spray Bottle for Powerful Self Defense

The powerful odor of fox urine can cause vomiting and watery eyes. Often described as noxious, this stink is not easily removed from clothing or skin. Waste & Recycle Collectors love this product.

Fox urine is an established method for deterring pests and small animals. This organic compound also elicits a strong, negative reaction in humans.

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Safe, Portable Protection

Pee Pistol may disarm and disorient an attacker, but it causes no long term harm (aside from a lingering stench as vile as their life choices). This makes Pee Pistol safe enough for the hands of a child but potent enough to keep you safe.

Pee Pistol’s small size makes it easy to carry in a pocket or purse. At just two ounces, Pee Pistol is small enough to meet TSA requirements for carry-on bags.