Pee Pistol for Hunters

Pee Pistol for Hunters

Fox urine is a versatile tool. The same powerful scent that can stop an attacker and keep pests out of your lawn is also an effective cover scent for hunters.

Fox Urine Cover Scent

Fox urine deters smaller pests but does not deter larger mammals. Larger mammals, especially other predators, have been observed investigating fox urine that has been applied around hunting blinds. In some cases, hunters suspect the scent itself may have helped draw them in.

Cover scent is in important tool in any hunters tool kit. Fox urine is an effective cover scent for deer hunting as it is natural in most whitetail woods. While fox urine is an effective year-round cover scent, it is especially recommended for deer hunting mid to late season as some fawns may be prone to avoid the scent earlier in the season.

When using fox urine as a cover scent, you should be aware it is highly potent and effective. Because of this, Pee Pistol fox urine also works as an attractant. By applying fox urine, you may attract foxes and other predators such as coyotes and wolves.

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