Natural Pest Control for Your Lawn and Garden

Natural Pest Control for Your Lawn and Garden

Are ground hogs, mice, moles or other small rodents damaging your lawn? Do rabbits eat more of your veggie garden than you do? Has a pesky stray cat found a home under your shed? Pee Pistol can help protect your yard with a safe, all natural pest deterrent.

Pee Pistol Pest Control

Applying fox urine around your yard can keep some of the most common pests away. Fox urine can also be applied at openings for dens and mole holes. This can trick the inhabitants into thinking a fox is present and encourage them to find a safer home elsewhere.

Pee Pistol is a safe, natural alternative to chemical pest deterrents. If you have pets, rest assured there are no chemicals in Pee Pistol that can harm them. You may, however, want to keep them away from application sites for the first day or two as some dogs may be tempted to roll around in the new scents.

When to Use Pee Pistol

Pee Pistol fox urine is most effective against small mammals such as rabbits, squirrels, moles, ground hogs and cats. If you have identified these animals as trespassers in your yard, Pee Pistol can be an effective defense.

Turtles, raccoons and other animals that are not prey to foxes will be unaffected by the fox urine. Larger predators, such as wolves and coyotes will also pay no mind to fox urine. You should also be aware that fox urine may attract curious foxes, coyotes or dogs in the area.

For best results, fox urine should be reapplied every couple weeks. Fox urine should also be reapplied after rain, especially heavy rain as it can wash away the scent.

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