Non-Lethal Protection During Protests and Pandemics

As individuals and as a nation we are living through difficult, complicated and emotional times. Within our communities we are more distant from our neighbors than ever before, and yet more united in our resolve as a nation.

At Pee Pistol, we support all those working to start a dialog and foster conversation between friends, neighbors and strangers in an effort to create a better, stronger community.

Non-Lethal Enforcement

We value the lives of everyone in our community. That is why we are committed to providing additional, non-lethal tools for law enforcement.

We understand the need for change, but we also understand the need to protect citizens and private property. Pee Pistol is a useful tool for law enforcement agencies to discourage rioters without causing serious harm or permanent property damage.

For bulk orders or customized solutions for law enforcement organizations, please contact us. Our team will work with you to provide the tools you need to safely and effectively serve and protect your communities.

Safety Measures for All

Now more than ever we want to make sure all of our customers, friends and neighbors are taking steps to protect themselves and those around them. We are committed to keeping our warehouses fully stocked with ready-to-ship Pee Pistols.

Pee Pistol is a non-lethal deterrent against would-be attackers. It is small enough to fit in your purse or pocket and, unlike other personal defense sprays, there are virtually no regulations limiting the use of Pee Pistols or your right to carry one.

Whether you are out and about resuming everyday life after shelter in place orders have been lifted or if you are attending rallies or protests, make your personal safety a priority. Be prepared for the unpredictable and stay safe from violent rioters. Carry Pee Pistol for personal protection.

We Care About Community

We recognize and value how diverse our communities are. We all have a history, heritage and experiences that create our unique stories. And, while we are all different in many ways, we are so much better together as a united America.

We hope each and every one of you stays safe and healthy out there.

Photo: Connor Robbins/Flickr