The Ultimate Beach Checklist

The Ultimate Beach Checklist - Pee Pistol

Do your summer plans involve time at the beach? Whether you are a regular at your local beachfront or just seeing the ocean for the first time, here are some helpful tips to keep you safe, happy and enjoying your best beach life this summer.

Beach Bag Checklist

You’ve got your swimsuit and towel, but what else are you forgetting? We’ve put together a beach bag checklist. One quick look before you drive all the way to the beach can help make sure you don;t leave behind any must-have items.

  • Sunscreen – even if you apply before you head out, bring a bottle to reapply as needed
  • Polarized sunglasses – protecting your eyes is just as important as protecting your skin
  • T-shirt or cover-up – the longer you are at the beach, the more likely you’ll wish you had one
  • Hat – added sun protection is always a plus
  • Extra towel – a spare towel in case one gets wet or sandy, plus a folded towel doubles as a great pillow
  • Baby powder – before you get in the car, rub some baby powder on sandy legs and feet and that stubborn sand will brush right off
  • Pee Pistol – self defense that doubles as a deterrent against pesky seagulls
  • Cell phone and charger – you may also want to throw in a power bank if you need to recharge without an outlet
  • Hand sanitizer – even if you are near a restroom, it may be out of soap
  • Beach Toys – shovel and bucket to dig in the sand, goggles and snorkel to play in the water, or a good book if you plan to relax on dry land

Beach Safety Check

Once you get to the beach, don’t risk ruining your day with avoidable accidents and injuries. Keeping a few simple safety tips in mind will keep your group safe and could even save your life.

  • Swim near a lifeguard – chance of drowning is about 5 times higher when no lifeguard is present
  • Obey signs and flags – flags can indicate hazards such as riptide and jellyfish warnings
  • Have a swim buddy – if something goes wrong, a swim buddy can signal for help
  • Drink water – dehydration and heat exhaustion can cause serious problems
  • Swim safelyRed Cross offers great resources for beach safety including avoiding and escaping rip current
  • Carry your Pee Pistol – especially in parking lots, restrooms and anytime you may find yourself alone in a secluded area

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Whether you are at the beach or out for lunch, keep yourself safe. Keeping a Pee Pistol in your purse or pocket whenever you leave the house is an easy habit to pick up and one that can make a big difference in your safety this summer and all year long. Order your Pee Pistol online today, and be prepared for anything your summer vacation might bring.