Traveling Hacks for Thanksgiving

Traveling Hacks for Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday brings family and friends together. It also brings the some of the busiest travel days of the year. Here are 5 Thanksgiving travel tips to help you travel smarter, not harder.

Travel Early or Late

If you are planning to fly somewhere for Thanksgiving, choose a flight that leaves really, REALLY early or very late at night. Avoiding peak travel hours can save you money on airfare and time getting through check-in and security. You are also mush less likely to be bumped from an overbooked flight.

The same advice holds true for driving. The roads are generally less crowded in the wee hours of the morning and later into the night, long after rush hour has died down. The downside of driving during off hours is you will have to plan your stops more carefully. Bathroom breaks, snack stops and refueling can get a little more difficult, especially in remote areas, as more places are likely to be closed during off-peak travel hours.

If you choose to travel anywhere in the early morning or late evening, be sure to keep your Pee Pistol somewhere handy. Parking lots, gas stations and airport parking garages can be dark and deserted during these off hours. Pee Pistol can help you defend yourself if find yourself in a bad situation.

Choose a Different Day

Similar to traveling early or late, try traveling on a less common travel day. Thanksgiving Day and the Tuesday before Thanksgiving are not as high-traffic for travel. The roads should be a little less crowded and plane tickets should cost a bit less.

Depending on your plans, you can also consider having an alternative Thanksgiving with family or friends. In recent years, it has become increasingly common to hear of Friends-giving celebrations. These feasts are usually held the weekend prior to Thanksgiving when travel is cheaper and schedules are more flexible.

Accessorize for Travel

As you pass from a warm taxi to a cold sidewalk to a tepid check-in area to a hot, crowded security checkpoint, your travels can take you through a number of climates in a matter of minutes. Layering a shirt, sweater and light jacket will make it easier to adjust to feel comfortable in any environment. This can also make a little extra space in your bags as you’ll be wearing a few of those reusable outer layers of clothing.

If you want to be a real travel expert, wear a scarf. Adding a scarf, even a light one, can help you stay warm and cozy. If you get a little warm, a scarf can be easily removed even while standing on a crowded bus. As a bonus, scarves look great and dress up even the grungiest travel clothes.Plus they can cover up any inconvenient coffee stains you may gotten on your shirt when someone bumped you in line right after you ordered that 5 am coffee (because you are traveling during off hours, right?).

Skip Baggage Claim

We don’t mean you should leave your luggage at the airport. We mean you should avoid checked bags all together. With pricey baggage check fees, traveling light and packing smart can save you time and money. Limiting your luggage to a small duffel bag or wheeled carry-on and a backpack can still provide plenty of room for clothes for a short weekend trip.

If you need to bring bulky items like a winter jacket, wear it through the airport to save the room in your bags. Bring the bare minimum for toiletries to save space. You can even pick up toothpaste tablets or mouth wash tablets to save space and minimize the liquids you need to carry. If you want to bring a purse, choose one that is small or flexible enough to fold and pack in one of the two bags while you pass through security.

Thanks to Pee Pistol, skipping the checked bag doesn’t mean leaving your self defense device at home. At just 2 ounces and free of restricted materials, Pee Pistol is approved for carry on bags by TSA standards. For air travel, we do recommend double bagging your Pee Pistol for added protection in case you have to gate check your bag.

Pack Provisions

Snacks are expensive at airports, gas stations and other quick stop locations. Save big by tossing a couple of snacks in your car or travel bag. A few granola bars can go a long way to keep you satiated until you reach a good place to stop for a meal.

While you can’t bring a drink through airport security, you can bring an empty, reusable water bottle. Once you are through security, you can fill it up. With the environmental movement to go plastic free this is becoming more and more common. Most restaurants or coffee shops are used to this and will be happy to fill your water bottle with ice water.

Don’t forget provisions for you phone and other rechargeable devices. While most airports and train stations have outlets available for use, the coveted seats by outlets fill up fast. If your phone, tablet or other device dies, a power pack can recharge your device and hold you over until you find an open outlet.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving, and every day, we are thankful for your business. From all of us at Pee Pistol, we would like to wish you safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving!